My application

I almost had a heart attack yesterday – I searched up the application requirements yesterday, and it said “Applications for 2013/2014 are now closed” and I NEARLY DIED.


That was me right there. Click it for full effect, I am saddened by WordPress’s inability to handle gifs. However, before I bluescreened, I looked up the dates for incoming exchange students, and I was relieved. Still July 1st. Bullet dodged. I already picked courses (because I have a half-baked application), and I’m hoping I won’t have lost them – I doubt it, since I don’t need to fill out that window again. But I’m going to try to submit by the time I go to sleep tonight, this whole process is going to give me an ulcer.

For some silly reason, an inordinate amount of the books I read growing up and now were written across the ocean, so I have a pretty good intuitive grasp of the subtle differences in writing style between North American and British English. Canadian English is itself rather middle-of-the-road, and I’ve been trying to subtly write at least somewhat britishly. Now, if I was me reading this post, I’d let out a huge groan and go “uuuu(rrr?)gghhhh, that’s going to be just awful, nobody from around here gets it right, you’re an embarrassment to Canada”, and that may well be true (hopefully not the embarrassment to Canada part), but I have some skill as a mimic of style in writing. I’ve read enough, and I spent a large portion of my life not even knowing that certain types of words and turns of phrase even were British, and not merely quaint and old-fashioned. I used them despite their perceived antiquity, and then phased them out of regular use once I learned they were british. I didn’t want to be That Person. So I’m not terribly worried. I then set my spell-checker to U.K English, and there was not a single red line. Verily, I am ninja.

I am starting to get that thing where I don’t feel like I know how to use words anymore, which is highly unusual for me since I am known for being good at it. However, I’ve graded essays for money.  I’ve seen how non-first-year humanities students write, I could confidently go head-to-head with most students, and I sincerely doubt that there is such a jump in quality across the pond that I would have a problem.

Bah. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it any better than it is. Thus far it contains a declaration that I want to be a future researcher, their courses are awesome, I play lots of British music already, I know the ridiculous musical terms, and that someone whose relationship to me could be succinctly described as my mad uncle* is probably largely culpable for me wanting to go there specifically.

Things I didn’t mention are the entirety of my quasi-family, and how when I look back, there is a frighteningly large amount of UK-originated subliminal influencing going on.

*I know you know who you are because of the face and hilarious noise you just made. 


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