My Exchange Application part II

I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?

I wish it was a noise of relief – I’m not sure if that feeling I have in my stomach is hunger or the aforementioned ulcer. I’m not sure whether this will make the ulcer better, no doubt there were better ways I could have phrased things. Augh! I cannot win! Well, perhaps tension has dissipated slightly, now I have only to obsessively watch my applications and hope they will both go through. I really hope I haven’t done something wrong or fallen off of Queen’s system, or caused anybody’s admin to malfunction – I do that. For instance, the only proof that I attended high school is the diploma I had them print me after I didn’t attend my graduation and they didn’t have me on a list of graduates and they never mailed me a diploma.

The beginning was supposed to be from Macbeth Act 2, scene 2. I was Macbeth once. I’m pretty sure I was only Macbeth because I was capable of remembering all the lines (eight years ago) and pronouncing the words. It wasn’t a direct quote, I felt like doing it even though I knew it was bad and that I could be justly slain for such foul treachery.


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