Useless Posts

It occurred to me that it is a bit odd for me to be writing posts for an exchange blog when I have not yet left for exchange yet. So why on earth would I do that?


The potential exchange takes up a lot of my time, and if people who don’t know me that well are talking to me, that is probably what they’re going to ask me about. Actually, certain people who know me very well like to ask me about it. So it is apparently a huge life event, and so a lot of my conversation with people these days revolves around it. I suppose it’s a bit of a relief, usually I end up talking about organ a lot. Sometimes it can get awkward because it leads people to the idea that I am religious/like organ containers churches, and then it leads to them being shocked and confused later when I talk more. 

Though I do not yet know if I am/will be accepted to study at the University of Edinburgh, I have to do an imperial ton of preparation for it, so it dominates my thoughts anyways, and I’ve probably always got something in the works pertaining to the voyage. Occasionally I feel slight guilt about bothering friends with my talking, so I decided I’d spew it out to the internet in a blog, which people are not required to actually read.

Someday somebody may want to procrastinate by reading my entire blog, so I am evilly being even more of an enabler. MWAHAHAHA SUCKER!


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