My British TV Problem

I get that I’m hardly unique in having such a problem. I went on Netflix tonight thinking I need to find myself a new good mystery show, and something that isn’t British for a change, since I always end up watching British TV. Bleah. I tried to watch Luther again yesterday, but I couldn’t stay into it. It was a bit of a shame, because I’ve heard that Idris Elba is a really good actor, and I wanted another mystery. It took me a good twenty minutes for me to get acclimatized to the London accents, but that wasn’t a huge deal. The thing that really turned me off was how stupid Luther was. Fairly early on into the first episode, it was established that this one girl was the murderer, but he needed more evidence. Fair, but after that, he ends up in a (losing, looked like) battle of wits with her and keeps on talking to her on the phone, and breaks into her apartment, and that girl is extremely unhinged, and dangerous too. He should have known better. After an episode and a half in, with the kind of buildup they did to establish him as an extremely controversial detective with unorthodox and off-the-book methods, I would have liked to see some reason why they justify having him on the force. Whoa, that was more than I thought I’d say on the subject.

So! I was going through Netflix, and they suggested Wallander. I tried it, and I’m two episodes through so far, and I like it. The mysteries are approached in a natural way, and I think they do a better job than typical of TV for showing how people figure stuff out. I also find Kurt Wallander to be a very real character. The show’s set in Sweden, but one only needs to see their cover image…

Looks alright





Damn it. Got me again.



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