Another Reason to Go

Apparently the transcript I initially provided for my application was inadequate, so I’ve sent them a pdf of my official transcript this time. Since it was to be uploaded, I had thought my unofficial one was sufficient, but apparently not. That’s not the point.

Today I feel as though I may have made a very bad call, and I hope that I have a chance to do damage control. It has nothing to do with my exchange, and everything to do with, well, culture, let’s say. Longish story short, I wonder whether I might now end up in mild danger in my own neighborhood. Those who know me well will wonder how this is possible, those who know me very well will have a good idea why this might be. I am not sure how to handle it. I will almost certainly have a chance to do something about it in the near future, but honestly, it’s a bit embarrassing. I manage to be dominant in a lot of social situations, but I have slipped, partially out of a desire to be seen a certain way, and because if I was not seen in a certain way, I may be in some danger. Worse yet, many would say I brought it upon myself. However, someone once liked to tell me repeatedly to just be myself (though alas, not in this context) – that is always what I have done, even if I meet resistance. This will not change.

That said, walking my dog in my own neighborhood is becoming increasingly unpleasant. I might have to drive elsewhere for walks, and I’ll be pretty happy to be away. It’s a scary dose of reality, though, I know there’s no way to avoid a certain level of unpleasantness in my life, and I had always thought it would be later. I guess the future is now.


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