UK Passport

I got an email today from DHL saying that there is a package coming for me from the British Embassy. That will be my supporting documents from the passport application. It’ll be here tomorrow, and I am so stressed out. It is about three weeks earlier than I thought it would be and I’m so worried that it’ll be a rejection and I’ll have lost the application money and have to apply for a visa. Not that there’s anything wrong with visas, but I wanted to activate my dual-citizenship powers. Rraagh. I haven’t received a notice saying I need to go for an interview, and apparently all first-time applications have to interview, so I wonder if that means it’s denied. Aaaaaugh. I’m dying.

Edit: My friend says I sound like I need a drink. Truth.


Edit2: I completely forgot to actually hit Update, and I slept past my alarm, so missed my organ lesson (I am the worst student ever and nearly shed a tear because I can have it later and I will never again have a teacher who is this tolerant of my horribleness) and now I’m sitting here anxiously waiting for a package. Apparently it should be here in the next couple of hours. AUGH.


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