More Food Week: Canadian Breakfast

There wasn’t a post on American breakfast, so I thought I’d try and fill the gap with the Canadian one, or what most Canadians really love to eat for breakfast if they’re having a special breakfast or otherwise have the chance. Basically:

– Pancakes/Waffles (with butter and maple syrup, and possibly fruit)
– Bacon, which can be back bacon or regular bacon, preferably more meat than fat (maple syrup on this can be good too)
– Sausages (maple syrup can also go on these, unless they are maple syrup sausage. Eh, some people are diehards and do this anyways)
– Fruit (maple syrup can also go on this what is it you’re saying about stereotype I can’t hear you)
– Coffee or milk, or tea if you absolutely must. (Maple syrup probably doesn’t go in this but I bet someone’s tried it)


Tl;dr – basically a Grand Slam.

Advantage: Quebec, because they have the syrup cartels.




I’m not sure if English2English will let this post go through. They did lots of posts on the English Breakfast (which is basically canadian lazy dinner), so I felt the need to add the Canadian one and put one in for North America. I hope they figure out the joke OF COURSE MAPLE SYRUP GOES IN EVERYTHING

Also there isn’t actually a standard canadian breakfast. And apparently sugary cereal isn’t really a thing in the UK? I’m confused. What do british people eat for lazy breakfast?



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