I decided that today I’d do my residence application, and it’s a bit stupid because I should have done it earlier, but I only just realized that I could do it before I gained my acceptance. So now I have to decide which residence to go for, and there is an awful lot of satisficing (satisficing is a real word in cognitive science) involved for self-catered residences. I have to keep several issues in mind:

– I’m an OCD freak, but less in a clean way and more in a “grossed out by other people’s bathroom mess” way. I have to use little pieces of toilet paper to touch other people’s bathroom taps.

– I don’t like tons of noise

– I play the violin, so sometimes I produce immense quantities of noise

– I really need a freezer

– dishwasher would be lovely, but not getting my hopes up

– massive shared kitchens are bad because other people might pinch my stuff.

One difficult decision is ensuite bathroom vs. shared, and hope the once-a-week cleaning service both actually happens, and is satisfactory. I don’t have to do my toilet-paper thing if it’s only my bathroom. The problem is that the ones where I get my own bathroom are the ones with no cleaning service, which means it will be all mine, but it will be filthy. It’ll be my own filth, though, which I can handle.

I’ve been going through Gumtree classifieds as well, and there are lots of things that seem to disqualify me. I was reading through one ad, which described a great-sounding flat, but then “all-vegetarian house”. Nope. Animals are delicious.

I’m also getting hit with the language barrier slightly. “Cooker with hob”. That’s a really tricky one to say out loud, I just tried it and said “Hooker with cob”. Turns out that’s basically a long-winded way of saying “stove”.It also seems like there’s no british people in Edinburgh. At least, none of them are looking for flatmates.

I sent a few of them emails asking if they rented to students. Next I’ll ask if they rent to violinists.



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