Funny I should mention it

There’s been a thing floating around the anglophile blog circuit about some Welsh-themed pub in New York being fined for saying they wanted a British bartender.

“Energetic and enthusiastic men and women with an appreciation of craft beer, good food, whisky and real football (aka soccer),” the advert said. “Being British definitely works in your favor.”

Personally, I think the ad would have been fine if they left out the part hinting about being British. Apparently they do actually have americans on their staff, too. Wanting somebody who is culturally competent really isn’t too much to ask, it would probably kill their business if people came in wanting to feel a certain kind of “at home” and found the barkeep not knowing one silly scarf pattern from another.

“The attorney for HRC countered that I could train someone in Welsh and British culture, a notion that is not only absurd but insulting to Welsh people and Brits everywhere.”

I’m just going to sit here and laugh at the idea of someone being “trained” in a culture.

Aside: One episode of Life on Mars involved some guy in a pub being murdered, and he was wearing an atrociously ugly orange and white striped scarf, and the Guv saw it and said “Well, we have a motive right here”, and I nodded along and thought “that is one fucking ugly scarf”, and then wondered at when the Guv became fashion-conscious. Soccer teams then became a plot point. I suppose before I raise my eyebrows at people murdering over it, I should consider the fate of someone wearing a Leafs jersey walking into an establishment in Montreal. (Merciless mockery!)


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