I went onto EASE, which is the University of Edinburgh’s online student system, and there was a big brightly-coloured button telling me I could activate my student email (oooOOOH!) and so I clicked it, and it prompted me for my university ID and password, and I entered it, and waited in anticipation to be taken to an unfamiliar interface the likes of which I have not seen before, and it took me to my Queen’s email. Confused, I clicked it again, and not surprisingly, it did exactly the same thing. Then I logged out of email, clicked it again, and then got taken to the exact same window, but University of Edinburgh instead of Queen’s. It was disappointing. I was hoping for the adventure of a shiny new email client, but it is exactly the same as Queen’s, down to the colour scheme. Huh. email is underwhelming. I suppose the adventure comes later, like when I actually get on and off the airplane.


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