What am I?

I have lost the method of finding Google’s profile of what it thinks I am. Also, there may be the odd reader here who doesn’t know a thing about me, so I will tell you what Google thinks about me:

Formerly, Google used to be under the impression that I was a heterosexual male between 18-24 who liked science, body modification, computer hardware, gaming, all instruments, and classical music.

Up until very recently, the ads alongside my Facebook, and the ads I saw period, were for smoking accessories, various kinds of substance abuse rehabilitation, criminal defense lawyers, bassoonist/organist/oboist associations, and made-to-measure suits.


Now I’ve got to sigh, for Google has surely lost it. Now my ads are for plus-sized dresses and blouses, nursing programs, and diplomas at very shady local colleges for things like “therapy”. My Facebook ads are more plus-sized clothing, weight loss, christian dating…

What happened? I do not feel as though I have changed. How does someone start out as a  tech-literate, pipe-smoking, impeccably dressed male junkie bassoonist/oboist/organist/violinist, and morph into a plus-sized christian woman trying to change careers to a soft-skills, helping profession, and find a loving, traditional man?

As a teetotaler whose suit size is 34 Short, I’m as likely to want plus-sized dresses as I am to want a DUI lawyer. Verily, the internet has developed a strange picture of me. Perhaps it is because of my interest in feminist causes? In that case, good job, internet, assuming I need plus-sized clothing. That was sarcasm, internet.


Addendum: By no means do I wish to knock plus-sized clothing (I am aware that there are very limited options for larger women, and approve of manufacturers who make styles in all sizes) or nursing (nurses are awesome).


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