Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Today was disgustingly hot. There was something like 85% humidity, making the felt temperature something like 35 degrees. So, when my parents got home and my dad said he was going to go golfing, my grandma said “Well, you know what they say…!” To which my dad said “Only mad dogs and Englishmen, and I’m not one of them”. I immediately cut in with “So you’re a mad dog, then?” Because he’s really not English. Then he said something about being pretty sure about his pedigree, and I said that I was pretty sure about him being a mad dog. After all, he’s barking…(joke completely lost on him). He also happened to be the only person in the group without some form of UK citizenship.

Completely unrelatedly, I solved the paradox of why my sister can wear smaller shoes than I can, even though she has longer feet. Her feet are shoe-shaped, and mine are not.





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