The Horror

I just overheard my mom tell my dad that Air Canada’s having a seat sale, and that they could come and visit me on my birthday. Usually I hate birthdays. I go and mope in my room all day, reflecting on how I’ve failed to accomplish anything of significance in my life, and not only is my rapidly increasing age making my every slight accomplishment that much less impressive, I am also that much closer to dying. Why is this relevant? Well, on the off chance that I make any friends that do things on birthdays, I will have to forgo birthday outings in favour of visiting with my family.

This is actually all moot, because I heard my dad say “We should probably talk to [name] about this”, earning him merit points. My mom really wanted to do a surprise birthday visit. My dad approved the spending, but since she only had an hour to book the tickets, it didn’t end up happening. I appeared, and reminded them that their impulse-booked trips have all ended in cancellation fees. Phew, bullet dodged.

Nonetheless, sometimes I do feel funny about how I am often rather against them visiting. Originally they really wanted to fly down with me, do a Europe trip, and help me get set up. I called off that plan. It is difficult to explain without seeming like a tremendous flake, but our family does not do many trips, and in general is not adventurous. Everybody was quite happy to repeat the same Florida trip three times, for example. Neither my younger sister nor I have ever been overseas. So actually, it’s rather petty of me, but really, I want my adventure (which I am aware would not even be considered an adventure by many) to be just mine. My family is boring, they can stay boring. They don’t get to suddenly go on trips and see things once I take the initiative to arrange it for myself. There is a difference between stepping off the plane far from home on one’s own, seeing the place for the first time, and doing so with one’s entire family in tow. Sometimes sharing makes an experience all the better, but I’m afraid that if my parents were to come with me, they might dilute it.


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