Well, I just received my offer of accommodation for next year. I got my top choice, which is a single room with an almost double bed, ensuite bathroom with shower, and dishwasher, and is very close to my classes, and The Meadows, which is what it says on the tin. I think they’re lulling me into a false sense of security and are going to kill me and eat me, or use me for experiments and then kill me and use my brain for experiments, and then maybe eat it. That’s the only explanation. I’m very happy, and I hope they don’t eat me or kill me or use my brain for unethical experimentation. Psych experiments approved by an ethics board are okay, though. Or linguistic experiments such as “what happens when a Canadian with a mind like a lint roller is dropped in Scotland for a year?” I’m just hoping that I’m not with first-years, because, y’know, I’m so mature and adult-like *cough* and used to living on my own *cough* that we can’t relate. Ahem. I also hope I’m not with crazy religious people, because they would probably get a bit freaked out by queer-seeming people (maybe?) but luckily the people who would have had an issue would likely be in the single-gender flats, rather than mixed. Though if I am with first-years, they might actually be from the UK, and more importantly, might have tableware. Actually, there’s five people, nearly half-and-half UK froshies (uh…freshers) and international students might be nice. I suppose the accommodations people have done this before and probably know what they’re doing. I hope.


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